Judith Heard and Doreen show off their own in protest

Ugandan super models Judith Heard and Doreen Kabareebe have joined the Black Lives Matter demonstrations rocking the world by stripping to their smalls.

Anti-racism protests that started in the US after African-American George Floyd died in police custody on May 25, 2020, have been taking place in cities across Europe, Africa and Asia. Over the weekend starting June 6, thousands of people supporting the Black Lives Matter movement took to the streets in Australia, Belgium, the UK and many other countries.

While Mrs. Heard and Kabareebe have not taken to the streets, they have showed solidarity by posting semi nudes pics on social media attracting hundreds of comments from followers.

Heard’s modesty is only covered by her long hair.

And she wrote: “Among us dark girls, it’s no doubt that at some point in time

you’ve been maltreated because of your skin complexion. It probably made you feel bad and of course you thought it wasn’t fair.

I’ve been there too. What pleases me much is the growing community of black women who are beginning to love and accept their complexion.


It has even reached the extent that even fair girls are now all about melanin. So if you’re dark and aren’t enjoying your complexion, better do so oh else the fair girls will show you how.”

Judith Heard


Kabareebe meanwhile leaves nothing to the imagination as she bares her breasts in sheer see through, er, dress.

The model—who loves showing off her smokin’ hot bod—donned a see-through colored mini dress, sending temperatures racing in the process.

Katurabe Doreen


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