Judith Nabakooba

The government has announced it will soon enforce wearing of face masks and there will be no excuse for not having one.

Failure to adhere to this directive will result into mandatory quarantine for 14 days.

The Minister for Information Hon Judith Nabakooba expressed fear that a big number of Ugandans are likely to perish while others get infected with COVID-19 because of the laxity the public has showed since the President eased lockdown.

“The Key issue and concern for government as of today continues to be the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uganda has continued to register more COVID-19 deaths and this should be a major worry for everyone,” said Nabakooba

on Saturday.

According to the Ministry of Health, community infections have also started to increase in areas such as Kampala, Kyotera and Amuru districts.

“It is unfortunate that despite the deaths and rising community infections, many people are still failing to go by the preventive measures provided by Ministry of Health,” added the Minister.

She said government is specifically concerned about the situation in Kampala.
All key markets and shops in down town Kampala are no longer following the recommended measures.

“Very soon, government will start enforcing the wearing of masks and there will be no excuses for not having one. So far about 8 million Masks have been distributed country wide,” she said.

Nabakooba warned that should the public fail to adhere to these guidelines, government will be left with no choice but to quarantine those found when no masks.


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