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MC Norman crosses borders without a passport


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A son of the African soil, MC Norman uses his power of making music to cross borders without a passport.

Born Ronald Mutebi, MC Norman, is a Reggae and Dancehall musician hailing from Uganda. He started his music career in 1990, at the age of 12 as a band member of Afrigo.

MC Norman is an award-winning independent recording artist, composer and producer with a creative mind, passionate about collaboration and co-existing in spaces through his music and visuals. His forthcoming EP titled Cross border embodies a variety of rich African rooted Sounds which are evident in the composition of each song on the project. The EP includes his recent hit single titled Mali and also features some heavyweight names like the MAMAs award-winning Stanley Enow and Pallaso.

Stanley Enow is a big artist in his home country, Cameroon and so is Pallaso in Uganda. “I collaborated with these two brothers and a South African lady named Siziwe Ngema on separate songs namely being Wange and Africa. This allowed me to give the listener a mixture of sounds, allowing them to cross borders with me through the music and no passport” said the recording artist and producer.

When asked about what inspired the name of the EP, MC Norman went on to mention that he was interviewed by a newspaper publication and they wrote an article saying that he had crossed borders. “Remember when you are in a foreign country it means that you have crossed borders, either it is by plane, train or by bus, you have crossed borders, so if your music gets an opportunity to be played in a foreign country like South Africa, Jamaica or America, it means you have crossed borders. So yeah, that instantly gave me the idea to make music that can Cross borders in language and composition.”

In addition to composing and performing music, MC Norman produces most of his music and runs a music and films Production Company called Ganja named after their father. The company’s aim is to discover and empower new talent.

The 5-track EP Cross Border will be available on 07 May 2021 and can be accessed on various digital platforms including Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Fans can expect more music content, accompanied by visuals from the recording artist and producer during the course of this year.

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