Television star Edwin Kantamba, better known as Mc Kats, has asked President Yoweri Museveni to reconsider the total ban on private transport for people with medical challenges especially HIV/AIDS.

Uganda is currently on a 14 day lockdown for passenger vehicles, and Mc Kats believes this could be tragic for sick Ugandans.
Kats, a HIV victim, has since suggested that victims should be allowed to have access to their hospitals for anti retroviral (ARVs) drugs.

“Patients need to get to their hospitals from their drugs. People need to go to Mulago. Corona kills people with low immunity. Therefore it’s important sick people are allowed to use their car and get to hospital,” Kats suggested.

This comes after the president last night insisted on Ugandans adhering to the set regulations.

The president said

last evening:
“Last night after the address, my social media team informed me that there are a number of areas the public wanted clarified.

One of the points people wanted to know was that you have left the supermarkets open for food, but are not allowing private cars, how shall we get to the supermarket?

There are many supermarkets, you will walk to the nearest. Also, the boda bodas can now come to the supermarket, pick something and deliver it at your door.

What we are trying to avoid is introducing cars again, because it will be frustrating our initial objective. Bear with this for the bigger benefit.

On the issue of curfew, it started today not yesterday. It will be from 7:00pm to 6:30am. Anyone that will be moving around that time will be doing so at their own risk, and I warn you; We do not want any incidents.”


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