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Martha’s Angelic voice moved me- Oma Da Pro’s untold music story with Martha finally out

Oma Da pro is a fast rising singer who recently released a master piece ‘Drummer’ with Martha Mukisa. The song has toppled all music charts globally. We caught up with her and shared alot. Read on
First things first,  that stage name bad Oma Da Pro Among all names why did you  choose that? 
Good question.  In the beginning I started my
career as a producer, so my name was Oma Da Producer. But now, I hold many hats. I’m an artist, songwriter, mix engineer and graphic designer so I changed the “Producer” to “Pro.”
And how did you link up with  super sexy Martha Mukisa?
Haha. I came across the song Kikomando when I was randomly listening to this afrobeats playlist on YouTube. When I heard Martha’s angelic voice, I immediately reached out to her and asked her if she wanted to collaborate.  She immediately responded “Fine, We can work” and the rest was history.
Briefly share with us experience working with her?
It’s been a blessing working with Martha.  She’s easy to work with, has a great personality, knows what she wants in life and she’s extremely talented.  Also big up Hassan, her talent manager and the whole team. Hassan was very instrumental in getting this project out there.
She onced worked with Eddy Kenzo and rumor had it the two were secretly dating, do we expect this from you too?
Haha you’re funny bro.  But no. Martha and I have a friendly and professional relationship but I’m sure she would be a great partner to someone…maybe you haha. Just kidding. But I’m taken also.
Now you’ve worked with her, she is insanely beautiful, how will you  handle the temptation of not taking it out away from business?
Well, in my case it’s experience.  I’ve worked with many female musicians and I’m really good with staying focused. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize a project or professional relationship with someone so I’m very respectful.  I put the music first and also, I’m taken? Haha
The song is really good, who brought  up the idea?
I brought up the idea.  One day when I was making music my queen was humming to my beat then it hit me! I wrote my part in about 20 minutes.  For me, Music is easy to write once you put yourself in it.
Do you have any more songs with her?
Not currently but I have a few other concepts in mind that I may present to the team.  But we will see. Stay tuned.

Enough of Martha,Tell us  how and where did your music journey start from?
Well I have to mention my family first.  We are a musical family.  My mother is an amazing singer, my sister is a top class musician, my dad has a musical ear and my brother Niyorah is an international reggae artist. In 2003, I started writing bars in high school for fun. Then in college I did a few remixes for fun. Fast forward to 2013, I started to seriously focus on my writing and was honestly nervous about being an artist. But after some thought and encouragement from my family and close friends I decided that it was time. So, in 2020 I released my first single with my older brother.  And I’m not stopping.
When was your first  day in the studio recording  your first song?
I recorded my first official song called Stomp on Corona featuring my brother Niyorah, who is an international reggae artist in May 2020… but I’ve been recording in the studio for years because I write for others.
Share with us your  family background,  did your family support you to sing  in the first  place?
 I grew up in a two parent household. I’m the youngest of three.  My family is very supportive of my dreams.  They are the reason why I even started to push out my own tracks in the first place.  I have a musical family. So once I’m releasing positive music, they are happy.
And how did it feel like?
Whenever you are doing what you love to do in life and you have full family support, you feel invincible.  I feel like nothing can stop me. I feel  super blessed and happy to do this.
And what was that hit song that made you break through?
Stomp on Corona and Yay. people saw my skills and started to pay attention.
When you heard the song  played on air for the first time, did you feel you’ve finally arrived at your ultimate dream? How was the feeling?
Kinda. It’s an awesome feeling.  I was lost in a trance for a moment. Haha  The response to my music is always very humbling.  I’m not just doing my music for myself. I’m doing it for the people also so I’m always ecstatic when others love it, share it and play it.
Who can you attribute your music success to so far?
The most high, my family and friends who’ve been on my case to release my music and my fans. I’ve always had confidence in myself but This support has given me extra confidence to carry on.
Who wrote, produced and mastered the latest song? DRUMMER
I wrote my part and produced the beat for Drummer. Martha and her team handled her verse.Drummer was mastered by 2 time Grammy winning engineer Andres Mayo.
What is the message behind it?
So the song is very personal to me.  It’s about a producer (drummer) and singer (hummer) that are deeply in love and share a child together.
Who has been financing your music career?
I’m an independent artist so I’ve been funding my own projects.
Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?
 I mean, I definitely like my music to be catchy and easy to remember but a lot of my songs are very deep and personal.  I usually build a variety of genres but I prefer afrobeats and dancehall.
We all strive to be well off in life, what is your goal in this industry?
 My goal in this industry is to touch as many people positively with my music as possible. Music provides healing and the world needs it, especially now more than ever. And I’m honored to be part of it.
Do you use substances like drugs for inspiration?
No drugs. I meditate a lot though and do many breathing exercises.  So I’m on a natural high I guess lol.
What challenges  have you faced today in the music industry?
Covid has really made it difficult to collaborate with musicians and artists.  Many of them don’t have their own studio, didn’t have access to one or were very paranoid because of the pandemic.  Luckily Martha and I were able to work although I live over here in Atlanta, Georgia.
With no doubt , we have a big  chunk of talented  singers, how ready are you for the competition?
Like the famous quote says, “Music is a mission not a competition.”  But, the edge I have is that I produce, write and mix my own tracks.  That skill set definitely  gives me an advantage.  Also I have an amazing team behind me.  So yes, I’m more than ready.
Don’t you think venturing into music is a waste of time?
Definitely not. Music lasts forever. Music heals the soul.  I love music!
You can’t seperate musicians and girls, how do you handle them.  You look young , handsome and ambitious, what is your take on UG women?
UG women are very beautiful, strong and intelligent women that have a lot to offer the world.
How has the internet impacted the music industry?
The internet has impacted the industry greatly.  Now you can get music instantly. Because of this, there’s a constant need for new content.
You can promote your music anywhere in the world with just a button click.
In a few last words,  how Do you see the ug music industry in the next five years?
I see UG making a huge impact in the industry.  You guys have the talent and the vibes in your music.  I see Uganda running things in the next 5 years.



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