The beautiful 100km road is set to be completed next month

Travellers to the newly created Mbale city will be pleased to learn that the Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale road will be completed in August 2020.

The road stretch to the newly made city of Mbale, has eased transportation for people connecting to Iganga, taking much less time compared to before.

This road project has a 15 year lifespan

The road project is expected to be completed in August 2020, this is according to experienced engineer Jamesone Olonya, Dott Services contracts manager.

Locals praised Dott Services for the great job so far done on the road

While taking the media through the beautiful road, engineer Olonya called upon authorities and local people to guard against vandalism so that the road does not lose its valuables.

He also revealed that the road cost sh135 billion, funded 100% by the Ugandan government.

The 100km highway was designed and built to not only ease transport for people and goods, but also safety, including reducing accidents especially in trading centres along the road.

This road

project has a 15 year lifespan and has been fully funded by the government of Uganda.

Engineer Olonya said Dott Services was proud of the engineering works on this particular project and lauded Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) for its supervision which ensured value for money for Ugandans.

Dott Services which marked 25 years last year, is the biggest local road construction company and is ranked in the Class A1 tier. The firm also has operations in Tanzania, South Sudan among other countries.

Engineer Jamesone Olonya, the Dott Services contracts manager urged citizens to protect the road

Mr Olonya said Uganda needs more local companies to join them in the road works saying, since the government brought the local content act, new indigenous players would ensure money staying in the country, as well as creating healthy competition to bring about better service.

Dott Services has improved its efficiency in its project delivery and from the quality of works exhibited on Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale road project, the Ugandan firm has come of age.

This road stretch was supposed to be delivered in April 2020 but extended by three months after rains raised water levels in several rivers crossing the road. Among them is River Mpologoma, which according to Dott Services, helped them observe the quality of road works, and they’ll spend an extra year monitoring.


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