Winnie Nakanwagi popularly known as Nwagi


Several reports circulated on internet that Winnie Nwagi had fallen out with the management of Swangz Avenue over unprofessional code of conduct.

But critics were surprised when her contract was renewed.

Swangz Avenue’s boss, Julius Kyazze even described her as one the most talented vocalists in the country.

While discussing controversial moments in her music career, she said naysayers were fighting tooth and nail to see her dropped from the

label but management believed in her talent.

To prove her haters wrong, she concentrated on releasing more music and working hard for a better future.

“Critics wanted me out of Swangz Avenue but they don’t understand our business. Many were surprised when my contract was extended. I no longer mind the bad energy, I only think about releasing good music for my loyal fans,” she said in an interview with a local television station.

Winnie Nwagi, has been with the record label since 2014 has been embroiled in a number of controversies including wardrobe mishaps and hints of violence.


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