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MADNESS? UCU Don already married to girl he proposed to on Good Friday… And here’s proof

By Assumpta Namanda

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) lecturer who proposed to his girlfriend on Entebbe Road on Good Friday was introduced to the same girlfriend two years ago.

A giveaway ceremony was also conducted at the girl’s parents home in Ntungamo is western Uganda.

This Easter weekend, there has been a video making rounds on social media of a man who blocked traffic on Entebbe road to propose to his girlfriend.

Kaggwa became the envy of many when he took to the kneee on Good Friday

It turned out the ‘creative’ fella who did this courageous act in Sams Kaggwa Ssekubuule aka Malokweza, a lecturer at Uganda Christian University.

Left with no option amidst cheers from bystanders who were chanting “say yes”, his girlfriend only identified as Hope said yes to Kaggwa. The all melted-up Hope was later seen getting closer to Kaggwa, who was kneeling in the middle of the road before giving him a tight hug.

The moment had already attracted crowds who weren’t okay with Hope’s action of delaying to say yes to this courageous lecturer.

The emotional moment left many city dwellers all teary as the two hugged before leaving the road.

Kaggwa, a former manager of comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi, has been hailed as hero by loved up Ugandans all over social media.

But now it appears all this was for show.
Kaggwa was introduced to Hope on 24 August 2019 in Ntungamo.

Kaggwa already did intro and kwanjula with Hope

The introduction and giveaway ceremonies were attended by close friends who include NTV Uganda’s Andrew Kyamegero, comedian Alex Muhangi among others.

After the ceremony, Kaggwa took to social media and raved about it’s success.
And the pair were set to carry out a wedding ceremony last year until Covid-19 messed up their plans.

The two already have a child together.

Men often carry out exaggerated PDA when trying to win back the affection of their lovers after being caught offside pants down. Could Sams be apologising with this stunt?



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