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Lutalo Chokes On Debts

Lutalo chokes on Debts

By Allan Saba

A few weeks back, promoters received a stimulus package of Shs6.5 billion to help them cover for losses incurred during the Covid-19 lockdown and Lutalo was convinced that he would get share because his management ‘Da Hires’ had organised for him several show which were also affected by the pandemic.

In a video making rounds on social media, Lutalo says that he was the first person to make a file after someone tipped him off that people who had organised shows were to be compensated for their losses.

Lutalo chokes on Debts

“When promoters knew I had a huge loan in the bank, its when they started bouncing me and refused to consider my file. Those people know very well that I organise my own shows and sometimes I even sell them to you (promoters), one day you will pay for this, because I know you’re doing it to intentionally hurt me,” Lutalo said.

The singer also stated that promoters told him that money was specifically meant for them (promoters) , but wondered why his fellow artists like Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira received a share of the fund.


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