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Liquid Silk Naalya Closes Shop Over Rent

Elvis Wavamuno


The Liquid Silk franchise have been hitting a major blow following the closure of the Naalya branch.

Elvis Wavamuno
Elvis Wavamuno

This website has learnt that the joint has closed over rent arrears amounting to millions of shillings.

Ever since it opened its doors a few years ago, the hangout has struggled to make the cut with competition from the likes of Nexus Lounge proving a big obstacle.

“We have terminated Liquid Silk Naalya as a tenant for non payment of rent but have not sold the station neither have we rented out the space previously occupied by Liquid Silk to another entity,” a statement by the landlord read.

Liquid Silk Naalya adds to other bars that have closed shop lately, like De Posh in Kabalagala.


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