LOCAL MUSIC fans are fuming and demanding refunds from music promoters who were organising Nigerian singer Wizkid’s highly-anticipated concert,labeling them fraudsters after the musician was a no-show.

Wizkid smoking a blunt

Wizkid smoking a blunt

Its very disappointing for the ticket holders, Sponsors,the local performers and all the other stakeholders that this event had to be cancelled at the last minute.
Indeed this has taken the entertainment industry ten years back, when scandals were the order of the day.

Now sponsors will have to think twice before they can inject cash for

promotions of any future international concerts.
It also dents the reputation of Uganda, as a destination to hold international level entertainment events because of the possibility that such events may have to be cancelled at the last minute due to lack of proper coordination between egocentric maniacs

To me,Wizkid,didn’t really show any interest in this concert.His social media tweets in the last 40 days,didn’t mention anything to do with Uganda.This year,he even cancelled his show in Zimbabwe at he last minute,yet fans had already entered the venue. He was also recently arrested for smoking weed in Kenya.
So our dear promoters,be extra careful when dealing with artists who are always high on drugs(weed).



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