Now this is bad. Really bad!

We are hearing that Rema Namakula or rather Rema Ssebunya has lost (or misplaced) former flame Eddy Kenzo’s documents, including a few land titles.

For starters, let’s bring you up to speed with the story.
When Kenzo abandoned Rema at their home in Seguku, he left her with most of his prized possessions including documents like land titles and a few others.

At the height of his mental breakdown late last year when Rema had announced she was getting married to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, Kenzo confirmed Rema still had his land titles and a few other docs.

Fast forward.
Now we are hearing some of the land titles are missing.
While we cannot confirm this rather disturbing development, sources say Rema realised that some documents were missing days ago.

However she believes they are somewhere in the house and she will find them.
“She’s been quite busy lately with a

lot going on on her life. Sue hasn’t found time to look properly. A lot is going on. If her loving husband is not graduating, she’s busy with her upcoming concert,” a family insider told Xclusive UG.

The insider adds that after her music concert set for Valentine’s day, she will settle and look all over the house.

We do not know if she’s informed Kenzo, or if she feels there’s any need to tell him.

Eddy Kenzo

In a recent interview, Rema said she had no issues with Kenzo.
She is quoted saying they will always be good friends since they share a baby together.

“I have no problem with Kenzo. He is the father of my daughter. I am actually still keeping his land titles. They are very safe with me. He knows it and that’s why he gave them to me,” she said during an interview.


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