Musician Eddy Kenzo has lifted the lid on presidential hopeful Bobi Wine’s little dirty secrets, revealing why Ugandans should not trust the ‘ghetto gladiator.’

In a more than 15 minutes phone exchange with a journalist, Kenzo reveals previously unknown info about Bobi. He reveals the Firebase boss is selfish, greedy and self centered.

Here are the key points from Kenzo expose…

1. I lied that Bobi Wine made me who I am yet he has never helped me even an inch. I was just helping him brand himself well

2. He calls meetings and commands his cult to abuse people after he pretends on social media to be a freedom fighter. Don’t believe his smile.

3. Bobi betrayed his own brother Jose Chameleone and he endorsed a different aspirant. He is a hypocrite.

4. Bobi thinks he is above everyone, he is so proud. Let him fight his own battles if he is big

5. Bobi should stop forcing us to join his cult and riots

6. Bobi should stop forcing musicians to sing for him songs.

7. Bobi has a bad heart and if he insists on sending hooligans to abuse me,

I will support NRM in retaliation.

8. He is Bobi and I am EDDY KENZO, he should not intimidate me. If I don’t sing in Uganda I will sing in other countries

9. Do not trust Bobi because he has hidden evil motives to promote but disguises behind the word struggle.

10. Bobi indirectly uses the people close to his circle like Eddy Mutwe, Nubian, Peng Peng, to promote hatred and wars because he can’t post on his page, therefore be vigilant on what those people post.

11. Bobi wine is evil, he changed since he joined politics. Ugandans should not trust him

12. I am going to start a war on Bobi Wine and I will win because my name is EDDY KENZO kaana ka mbaata.

13. I am not a politician so don’t force me to join politics. Let me stick to music.

14. Stop paying media to call me gay, Illuminati, stop fighting my success because you fear competition. My carrier has come along way and you won’t put me down.

15. Stop attacking Bebe Cool because he is a politician by blood. He was in politics before you. His family is full of politicians right from his grand parents. He has a right to what he says.


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