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JUST IN; Fabiola In Juicy Deal With Minama Skin

Fabiola on the day she scooped the deal

By Allan Saba | Xclusive Repoter

Anita Fabiola has been unveiled as the face and ambassador of Minama Skincare, an organic skin line that offers skin analysis and skin treatments.

Anita Fabiola was unveiled at Hilton Gardens Inn.

Speaking about her new role Fabiola said “Am delighted to partner with Minama skin care.

I am a long-time user of Minama skin care and I have never regretted it. Minama skin care are what I recommend for a clear and moist skin.

I will be sharing more products of Minama skin care and beauty tips on my platforms. Once again, am honored to have partnered with them today.”



Fabiola after scooping deal

The head of marketing, Minama skin care also expressed her gratitude in this partnership and said “Minama Skin care today explicitly unveil Anita Fabiola as brand Ambassador.

Fabiola will represent and speak for Minama Skin care henceforth. Fabiola fits all the values Minama skin care stands for.

Like our products that are freshly blended with the best actives of natural science, Fabiola is fresh and natural, a perfect representation of our products.

Minama Skin Care seeks to enjoy this partnership with Anita Fabiola where she will market our products while being an example of her gospel being a consumer of minama skin care products.”


Minama is an organic skin line that offers skin analysis and skin treatments.

We offerproducts such as scrubs, facial cleansers, Moroccan bath rituals, Eczema treatment, men product range, glow oils,hair grow oil, skin supplements, Arabic face and bodymasks, anti-aging creams among other products.

Minama is super big on skin-friendlyingredients, the formulations of which are placed in simple and timelessly appealingpackaging.

Minama brings a fresh skincare option that has been absent from the market. This setsthe bar for all aspects of our concept, and all Minama products are freshly blended.

Our formulas are made using the best actives natural science has to offer and notweakened by time-related ingredient breakdown. They are exceptionally pure and 100% natural and non-toxic.

Minama is a skincare brand that strives to utilise some of themore unique and special materials our Earth has to offer.

Our products help clients achievenatural skincare that blends the beauty of nature with the most up-to-date innovations inscience. Efficacy, quality, and purity are the order of the day at Minama.

We use raw ingredientsand high-performance ingredients in our skincare products. We offer organic skincare productsthat are expertly crafted from premier ingredients found in the most exotic of lands.


We love a little indulgence, so each product is laced with intoxicating scents and a dabof luxury.

Minama believes that nature offers the best solutions for every beauty or wellnesswoe, and in addition to being certified organic, its products are also cruelty-free and free fromsynthetic compounds and toxic chemicals.

Not only are our products exquisitely made,beautiful, and addictively yummy smelling, but they also represent the crème de la crème oforganic skincare.


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