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Julie Mutesasira Finally Faces Deportation

Julie Mutesasira

By Allan Saba

According to a highly placed source in the US, we have intercepted information detailing how former gospel singer Julie Nalugya is on the verge of facing deportation back here home over forged documents.

We have been informed that Julie for a very long time has been playing “hide and seek games” since she didn’t have legal documents to support her stay in the states. She has been living with her brother for all this time in Boston after she claimed to the authorities that her ex husband Stephen Mutesasira chased her from the marriage over allegations of being a lesbian.

The source further says that Julie has spent a lot of time proving herself right that indeed she is a lesbian. At one point she came out openly and revealed how she is dating a fellow woman.

The picture of Julie and and another woman apparently getting married

Using her social media platforms, she posted a picture of herself with a fellow woman while in church getting married. All these strategies have failed to work for her- a source adds.

Another source close to her and who happens to be a fellow gospel singer told us that Julie is living in fear that any time from now, she could be told to pack her things and leave US when she is not yet ready.

In December, last year, Julie’s children were taken to her by Mutesasira’s elder brother. They spent quite some time there before they returned back to Uganda.


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