Chameleon and wife


Daniella Atim Mayanja has confirmed to us today that she’s still in romantic relationship with the father of her children, singer Jose Chameleone real names Joseph Mayanja.


While responding to our questions about the matter, Daniella denied ever breaking up with Chameleon. She says his children back in the US miss him and wish him good luck in his new political career. She also revealed that she a unseen force in the singer’s political career.


Daniella also goes ahead to deny the audio voice that has been trending on social media.

According to a trending audio on social media, a voice reportedly to be Daniella’s says it all how she is no longer in love with the ‘Baliwa’ singer but rather relating

him to a mere brother.


Having relocated her from Uganda to the US, Daniella according to the audio accuses Chameleone of having gotten a new family and dumped her no wonder she too moved on and is in preparations of leaving USA to get back home in code 256 where she will be settling in her own shelter within the outskirts of the city center.


“Jose can no longer be my husband nor am i his wife. I’m going to start constructing my house in Uganda though not in Kampala but in the outskirts.

The truth is, Jose in men he is still a child no wonder you can’t expect me to live in the US for 10 years and he doesn’t set up another family.

My affair with Jose Chameleone is no more and he is now a brother to me.”- Daniella Atim Mayanja


Daniella trashes all these allegations


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