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Jose Chameleon New Album “I am Joseph’ Will Be Released


Leon Island boss Dr. Jose Chameleon has hinted that he is in the process of dropping a new hit album titled “I am Joseph’.

The album apparently contains more than 10 songs. From an initial glimpse, the album is mainly about the artist Jose Chameleone thanking his maker for making him a music maverick and allowing him to live and enjoy his passion. The artist thanks the Almighty God for walking him from grass to grace.

The album has been produced by some notable names like Artin Pro, Baur and Eddie Dee who have worked on various projects that were joined into one to form the album.

Artin Pro, Baur and Eddie Dee have over time earned fame for producing some of some remarkable tunes, so we can only expect the very best once this album hits the air waves. Artin Pro has worked on some serious tunes like Chupa ku Chupa by Apass, Omubwati by Fik Fameica, Onkutude by Sheebah Karungi to mention but a few.

Like we have come to expect from the legendary doctor of music, Chameleone, when he promises a hit album, he delivers accordingly. We will keep you informed when ‘I am Joseph’ drops.



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