Home Gossip JKazoora cheats death by ‘an inch’ after slipping in bathroom

JKazoora cheats death by ‘an inch’ after slipping in bathroom

JKazoora (File photo)
JKazoora (File photo)

Entertainment entrepreneur David Kazoora Jnr, also known as JKazoora, has revealed he almost met his creator after he accidentally slipped and fell, head first in a bathroom last evening.

The TV guru was at his Buddies motel in Ntinda.
Chatting with pals in a WhatsApp group, JK said his head ‘missed the tab by an inch.’ Damn!
“Fell, my head missed the tab by an inch and since my room was locked I guess they would check on me at 9pm for dinner, and by then it would late. If you don’t have those rags in the tab, get one ASAP”-“Bro, I was gone.”

A host of celebrities around the world have died in their bathrooms.
This list of celebrity deaths chronicles some very famous people who were found dead in the bathroom throughout the years – some of whom you wouldn’t expect.

These bathroom deaths are reminiscent of the many bathroom death scenes in horror movies, books, or country songs; a chilling reminder of the end that has come to the glittering surroundings these celebrities had in life.

Celebrities found dead in the bathroom range from the well-known like Whitney Houston, Prince Elvis, to the lesser-known Lenny Bruce’s of the world.

Kazoora almost added his name to the famous list.


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