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A video is doing rounds on social media after a one Ssozi promises to place two bullets on Housing Finance Senior Manager Branch Performance & Customer Experience boss – a one Ivan Kituuka.

In the video, a man is seen trying to reach the far ends hammering a way like he is on a job to stuff an ATM with screws of his counterpart.

Yesterday, a letter purportedly written by a jealous husband threatening to shoot dead Ivan Kituuka was making rounds on social media.

According to the letter which is still trending online, a one Mr Ssozi, has promised to send the Housing Finace Boss 6 feet down for ‘wire rubbing’ his wife.

In the letter which has been copied to most bank bosses, Ssozi details the different ways Ivan has been stuffing his wife’s ATM with a small live wire rubber added to taking her on foreign trips as part of the sex games between the two.

“For a long time now, you have f#cked my wife at free will and wish from the time you became her supervisor in Ntinda. You have continued to f#ck her over the years and you have broken my family to the lowest level,” the chilling letter by Ssozi reads in parts.


in the counter of events another letter is released with the Mr Ssozi claiming he is not the author of the letter.

Alfred Ssozi Ntambi, the husband to Dorothy has gone to police seeking the force’s help in the matter, denying he is the author of the expletive letter circulating online.

“How can i threaten someone’s life?” some excerpts of the letter read.

“Am not the author of this purported letter you called me about…am a professional in my right senses and a decent person to engage in such vulgarity and life threats.” the letter adds.

A case of cyber harassment under the file number SD: 124/29/09/2020 has been registered at Kabalagala Police Station as Ssozi denies plotting to murder the bank boss.

Mr. Ntambi claims “this to be an allegation whose intention he has no clue about.” “This is a false allegation against me and I take it very serious with all the due police attention it requires,”

On social media ex workers to Housing Finance have since come out to confirm that this has been an open secrete of Mr Ivan Kituuka and Dorothy as they were always seen as lovers by fellow employees.

Others claim and cry out on foul play by some bosses eying the top Job Ivan is holding.

Phone calls to get comment on the developing rumour remained futile.


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