Bedridden Bryan White


Controversial socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa also known as Bad Black has sensationally claimed philanthropist Brian Kirumira commonly known as Bryan White is broke and faking illness to meet President Yoweri Museveni.


Black paid Mr. White a courtesy visit on Monday this week.


The latter has been bed-ridden since last month when Parliament started issuing summons to him over alleged reports he was sexually assaulting the different girls in his house.


After visiting him, Bad Black through Facebook live called upon wellwishers to fundraise for Bryan White so that he can foot his hospital bills since he is currently broke but her call did not go well with the socialite who refuted the claim that he had no money for medication.


“He is not broke, he left the hospital as he waits on his results and for the sake of his safety. He doesn’t need to go to IHK, he is waiting on results from UK. He is home for treatment willingly!!!! If he were broke he has a lot of property to sell but he is not broke. We appreciate each and everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers but we will not take any financial support as it has been stated, he is very ok supporting himself. We shall have to

clarify those issues to Black as well coz I know she meant well but i I had to make sure I straighten this up before it’s misunderstood by the public. The issues he wants to discuss with the President are personal and based on their working relationship,” Elvis, Bryan White’s caretaker said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.


Elvis’s statement, however, irked Bad Black who held a live broadcast in which she spilled his secrets including his source of wealth and why he wants to visit the fountain of honor.


Bad Black alleged that Bryan White is an arms dealer who provides guns to rebels. She claims that the moneybag confessed his dealings to her and even showed her how it’s done.


She also said that Bryan is not even sick as he claims and only wants to meet the president because he feels unsafe after his security detail was withdrawn following the recent rape allegations.


“You dealt with rebels, president Museveni cannot come to see you. Just wake up and start hustling again. Don’t use your public figure as a weapon, president Museveni is not going to meet you because you met rebels and I witnessed with my own eyes as you showed me guns saying that it was the president’s project. If you wanted to use me to meet Museveni, you would have told me. The fundraised money won’t come now, let’s see where this ends,” Bad Black said.


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