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Irene Ntale On Gossip Pages Again Over Love


Our Reporter | @Xclusive Gossip | 1 min Read.

It is no secret that for years now, Irene Ntale has been crying out for serious love connect.

Irene Ntale ready to pour out her love like she does in her songs

Going by her tweets and her drunken confessions looks like she has been hurting inside silently.

Of late looks like her tweets have blosomed to something new as she seems to have found someone confirmed to date.

Through her social media, Twitter Account, Ntale has always been crying out for love, stating that she is tired of being alone and cold.

” Somebody’s son has found me “- she tweeted.

Irene Ntale’s tweet making rounds on gossip pages

This statement alone caused a lot of chit-chat on social media from her fans. Most of them just wanted to know who this somebody’s son is. According to them, it’s been long since they heard that their celebrity was in a relationship.



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