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After several attempts to sit down with singer Serena Bata, She finally talked to us on different issues ranging from her new music, new management, woes with promoter Sipapa, and her love life right now.


It has been years quite until your recent song Bikalubye with Chris Evans, what have you been up to?


Thank you! I have been around but quietly doing my thing. This music industry needs more time and you need to be very careful when handling it. With COVID 19 around, I have been secretly planning new projects for my fans.


Talking of COVID 19, how has it affected you?


My dear, Nothing is moving at the moment. I miss performing at the stage, functions and all that. I miss the freedom we had before. We are simply calling out President Music to come out and think about us. We need to get back to work.


Bikalubye song, is it real-life experience or?


Surely it is my real-life experience. A lot in my life and other Ugandans life is going through a lot. Things are not working out. Life seems stuck. Things are hard. So looking at what is happening now in the Country, I was inspired to compose that song.


Of all singers, why did you choose Chris Evans for the collabo?


Chris is a great singer with a great Voice. I thought of him among the many simply because I knew he was the right person for that project. So he never disappointed and you can see how the song is trending.

Well let us talk about your management, You started with promoter Sipapa and now with Abtex, why. The two men have their internal bickering?


Well, I spent a lot of time with Sipapa. He helped me do many projects but as time went on, I felt like I needed

much better. Abtex came on board and we are good. About their internal fights, I really didn’t know much about it. Maybe the media was axxegrating all.


Rumor had it that you’re the root cause of Abtex- Sipapa fights?


This is not true. Abtex, for the time I have known him, he has never been involved with me in any non-business plans.


Why do you love mixing business with pleasure. You dated Sipapa and at the same time managed you?


It is true I mixed business with pleasure. I was a victim. But the time I spent with Sipapa, I learned a lot of things. I will never and ever date my manager. It was a lesson learned well.


Eh, was Sipapa that bad to you?


I can only say that I learned my lessons well and moved on.

Many stories say that Sipapa uses witchcraft and beats women, as his former girlfriend, is this true?

I don’t want to talk much about him. He is past but all I know he is not the worst man standing on earth. He is a young man with some money on him and living his lavish lifestyle.


His wife Brown Sugar accuses of you breaking her marriage with Sipapa?


It is wrong. I was with Sipapa not knowing, Brown Sugar was there. I kept my lane.


Why are most of your friends men?


I have many friends men and women but it is easy to deal with men than women. That is my personality.


Why did you fall out with Jose Chameleon?


I didn’t fall out with Chameleon. It was his misunderstandings with Sipapa that drew me far away from him. But we are good.


Fair enough, how is life with Abtex musically now?


I am doing great. I have many projects coming up. New songs, new music like Single and OK. He has made me realize that I have a great talent in a short while and he is too supportive. I want him to keep doing this and I promise not to disappoint him.


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