Musician Dennie Dee’s new song Enough Is Enough has had many talking with some predicting political persecution.

Today, Xclusive UG sat down the singer for a one on one…

Briefly tell us about yourself…
Dennie Dee: My real name is Ojok Denis O’ Nyangkai. I’m from the family of former C.A Constitution Assembly delegate for Omoro county (now omoro district) Hon Okwonga Latigo who was also Gulu District Chairman in early 90s.

Give us your brief education background…
Dennie Dee: I’m a civil engineer, a graduate from makerere University.

Who inspired you into music?
Dennie Dee: I grew up listening to reggae, ragga music, so many international artists, like Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Sean Paul. Those guys inspired me into singing.

When did you become a professional musician?
Dennie Dee: The real singing, I started from my primary school at Police Children’s School Kibuli. Then in holidays, I would go for talent shows in Nsambya Youth Center Sharing.
I have not been so much in music because I had to balance with books and my profession.
It kept me busy, but now is the time to concentrate on music.


Tell us about your music career…
Dennie Dee: I have over 30 songs and only 3 videos recorded/ produced by East Africa’s finest producers like Washintion, Nash wonder, Dr

Kaunda and many others.

Your new song Enough is Enough is getting people talk….
Dennie Dee: My new song Enough is Enough is not only about the government but is about Uganda musicicians since they only value and consider only one tribe from Uganda, which is Buganda. For some of us from other parts of Uganda however good you are/ sing, they start bringing names like northern artists whatever.
It’s wrong.

Aren’t you worried about where the song could get you?
Dennie Dee: I’m not scared because the message is very clear. It’s not all about the government. The so called music promoters, awards ceremony organizers should style up and start treating all Ugandan equally, not only one tribe dominating the music industry.


When should we expect the song video?
Dennie Dee: Well, Uganda and Africa should expect a serious video for this song Enough is Enough soon as this lockdown is done.

What are your future plans?
Dennie Dee: My plan is concentrate and built my records label Northside International entertainment department, since I have already registered a company name Northside International Engineering LTD which is registered in three countries in East Africa, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

Any last words…
Dennie Dee: I thank Ugandans for the support so far. I need your support going forward.
Let’s unite, love one another no matter where we come from. One love, one people, one Nation.


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