MUSICIAN Bobi Wine has inspired his siblings to success through hard and smart work.
Almost all his over ten siblings are doing more than fine in their lines of work.

But three of them have really impressed putting up magnificent homes.
Banjoman, Eddie Yawe and Mikie Wine like Bobi, boast of sleeping nests many Ugandans can only dream of.

Today, Xclusive UG reproduces the houses estimated at over Shs3 billion….

Bobi Wine

Upon completion is 2007, superstar Bobi Wine’s Magere home was estimated at about sh400 million with the value flactuating to around shs700 million now (2020).
The storeyed house seats on a sprawling 10-acre piece of land in Magere village off Gayaza Road.
Without a doubt, Bobi’s home has been a yardstick used to measure musicians wealth.

Eddie Yawe

Eddy Yawe’s political career might be limping just yet, like his little brother Bobi Wine.

His music career isn’t as successful as Bobi’s still. But he is ok in the money stakes.
Maybe not as Bobi, but Yawe has generated enough cash to construct a home that is an envy of everyone.

Eddy Yawe, the founder of Dream Studios was one of the pioneers in the currently booming music industry both as a musician, writer and producer.
He broke onto the scene in the early 2000s is one of those artists that have accumulated a lot of wealth from music just like his brother Bobi Wine.

With the mansion that he is erecting on almost 5 acres in Kireka, a Kampala a suburb, it is evident that he has made a fortune from the music industry.

According to Eddy Yawe, he started on the construction of the mansion valued at over Shs1.2 billion 10 years ago after securing the plot of land

15 years ago.

The mansion is yet to be completed.



His music might have failed but Banjoman is a major success in the real estate stakes.

At 34 years, Banjo Man is accomplished. He says his residential house is worth a billy (Shs1 billion) and it took him just seven months to erect it.
Speaking to media last year, Banjo Man revealed he does not regret ceasing making music because his decision has made him a billionaire. He said his wealth has nothing to do with his big brother Bobi Wine as he has solely worked hard to accumulate it.

He disclosed the different businesses he is involved in which include; house rentals, pool-tables and market stalls among others.


Mikie Wine

Mikie Wine is the youngest of the profiled four.
But that hasn’t stopped him from putting up a rather impressive home.

It’s more than decent by Uganda standards.
Located in Gayaza, Mikie tells us it took him eight years to build it.

Mikie Wine further revealed he bought land on which the house sits at Ugx 90 Million. “I bought my land in three instalments at Ugx 90 Million and at that point I remained completely broke,” he said.

He further revealed how he built his house in stages and how at one point he shifted to his unfinished house and became a laughing stock.

“There came a time when I was broke so I shifted to one of the rooms of the unfinished house to save rent for other essentials.

Everyone but Bobi Wine and my elder sister laughed at me for being a failure. I did not mind that because it was planned. I was not doing it because it was my last choice,” he added- ” My house cost me close to 300 million shillings and its not complete yet like I would have wanted it to.”

Either way, kudos.


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