Winnie Nwagi


Over the weekend, sexy singer Winnie Nwagi came out openly to talk about her love life. She confidently revealed about a selfish married man who used her and later dumped her when she had already fallen in love with him.


Privy to the details, She told of a story on how the two met


“Recently, I met someone who looked my type, someone I had always wanted to have, he did things other people have never done for me, I felt like ooh this is the person.” Winnie went on.


He always told me I like yo song ‘Jangu’, basically in the beginning everything was so nice, he made me feel like ooh my God this is the guy. So I started telling my friends.


He did so many things that I have never experienced…things that I won’t mention coz people will start relating hihih [laughs] but jus know he made me feel so special even in public he held my hands so I fell in love.

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Winnie Nwagi