Upcoming singer Mudra is a multi talented artist who has been in the industry since 2015. In an interview with us, he revealed to us that he has worked along with so many artists back here in Uganda and some of them used him to have their music career go to the top when he remained stagnant. He decided to team up with his new management and today, he is flying high.


You recorded your first song hit in 2015, did you have any music background?


I actually didn’t have any music background. I started singing way back when I was still in school at Kawempe Muslim School. While at school I recorded my first song just out of leisure. I didn’t mean to do it commercially. I even later joined University still doing music for leisure.


Okay then, at University, how did you balance books and Music. So many young people when at school tend to dump studies for music?


Like I said I didn’t put much attention on music. I was doing it for leisure just. So at the back of my mind I knew I had to first get done with my studies. So there was no challenge.


It is remembered that you once worked with the mighty Goodlyfe. How come you never capitalized on that chance to make it big?


I was so young. I actually voiced the feelings song for the goodlyfe. Because I was young and I didn’t know much about the industry, I never minded much. So we worked on the song and I never followed until I grew up and realized I just used it.


You’ve collaborated with different female musicians, why is it easy for you to work with them?


To me it is just easy. Like we did a song with Cindy and it was so easy. I find them easy to deal with according to me.


Mudra, you also just recently recorded a song with the naughty bad black, why associate your brand with such a person?


Well, to me I find her so hard working and worth working with. She tried to sing but it never went far. She has always used the term Muyayu so I chose to team up with her and sing about Muyayu and that is how the song came about. I see her differently from the rest of

the world.


Between 2015 and now, tell us the challenges musically.


Music is an expensive venture. Promoting it is also hard and needs a lot of resources. But the most challenging thing is the bad hearted people in the industry. If we musicians supported each other, trust me, we would all be far. It is a big challenge.


How are you ready for the current competition in the industry?


I am not in the industry for competition. I am here to do my thing and thing. I will let my music do the talking and our fans will be the one to judge us. So I am about to compete with someone.


Our industry is over crowded with bubble gum music singers, how different is yours?


Do you know there are people in Uganda who are just comfortable with this kind of bubble gum music? However mine is just good music. I don’t do bubble gum or. My fans who have been here with me for a long time know that I do good music.


Between music of the 90s and today’s music, what is your favorite?


Like I said the music industry has grown so fast. Yes music of the 90’s was really soul touching music with many messages behind it. However because the fans are so demanding today, we have to live up to their expectations and do the music they want.


What is the biggest stage you have performed at?


Actually my management never wanted me to go out there to perform. They always want me to just sing and let the music move. But I think after Covid we shall be able to start performing on different stages.


Anyway, what is your next five year plan?


Man, I can’t reveal my plans ahead because there are many haters outside there. I don’t have to tell them all I am up to. It remains with me. But what I am sure of is that I will be a massive singer.


Do you do drugs?

I have never even tasted on any. I am always here singing and using drugs to get the vibe but not me.


Away from music, who is your ideal woman?


I have no ideal woman. I will let God choose for me. Whoever sends to me is one I will just take on.


Your last remarks?


I just want to assure my fans that I am here to give them the best music at all levels. They should look up to me and my music on all social media platforms.


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