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Hon. Malende, Stella Nyanzi make peace


By Our Reporter

It seems former Kampala Woman MP rivals Shamim Malende of NUP and FDC’s Dr. Stella Nyanzi have mended their differences.

Since Nyanzi lost the Parliamentary seat to Hon. Malende, there has been bad blood between the former and Malende’s NUP fanatics.
Nyanzi has since January taken to social media time and again to ridicule, abuse and belittle NUP principal Bobi Wine and his legion of supporters.

In return, NUP have reacted and sent a tirade of abuses towards her, even at one point reporting her posts to Facebook authorities.

And the wars haven’t just been on Facebook. During a talk show with NBS Morning Breeze, Nyanzi said she was not from NUP and she would never join them.

“People should stop mistaking me to be a member of NUP and I will never join them ” Stella Nyanzi stated.

According to Stella Nyanzi, NUP is full of hooligans who will not help the people that voted them. She said they passed through because of the wave and people are going to regret.

Stella Nyanzi was contesting as the Kampala woman MP but was defeated by Shamim Malende who had the flag of NUP and after the elections Stella Nyanzi freed herself to Nairobi with her children.

But during her stay in Kenya, Stella Nyanzi kept on fighting for the right of Ugandans using her social media handles and in the due process he attacked Bobi Wine for using poor Ugandans to get money something that raised different reactions.

Despite their differences though, it seems Malende is on a mission to mend fences.
She posted this Sunday: “Today I celebrate and congratulate these amazing ladies for having participated in the 2021 general elections as competitors for the position of Kampala District Woman Member of Parliament 2021-2026.

Malende and Nyanzi shared jolly moments together

The people of Kampala made a choice but it does not make any one of these ladies less important. KUDOS to you brave ladies, may God continue to guide you. My office is always open for you to guide and advise.”



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