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HIDE YOUR WIVES! ‘Only Son of his Mother’ Jerome transferred to Kampala


Jerome Mugenyi, remember the name?

Well, this is the fella who broke the internet after he was nabbed in bed with a married woman in Mbarara at the end of last year (2020).

Jerome Mugenyi was caught in bed with Irene Musimenta at Omunsiikye Nyamitanga, Mbarara City.

Preliminary investigations indicated that Jerome was connected to Irene by someone in Kampala who said she’s a sugar mummy.

Irene’s husband, then believed to be working with an NGO in Sudan caught them red-handed in his bedroom.
Jerome, who hails from Fort Portal, works with National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC). He is said to have been with the Kaberebere Branch in Western Uganda.

But now word doing the rounds indicates Jerome has been transferred to Kampala. Buzz understands Jerome has been transferred to NWSC Kiira branch.

People of Kiira, Najeera and other surrounding areas, hide your wives, sisters, girlfriends, children or even your grand moms.
We hear Jerome started work at his new station a few weeks ago.

When Jerome was nabbed by Irene’s husband, a rather interesting conversation went on.
Here’s a hilarious dialogue:

The man holding a spear asks: “What are you doing in my bedroom? Who are you?”

Jerome: I am Jerome Mugenyi.

Spearman: anha, what are you doing here?

Jerome: Please don’t kill me.

Spearman: This is my home, this is my house. I built it from the first brick.

Jerome: I will tell you, you see this lady…this lady…

Spearman: This lady what? You are naked in my bed…

Jerome: I’m not naked…

Spearman: This is my bed, I bought it with my money. This is my mattress, I bought it with my money. This is my mosquito net, I bought it with money.

Jerome was also accused of snatching a judge and Mlminister’s wives.
A former minister in President Yoweri Museveni’s government and a retired senior judge have accused a one Jerome of leading to the split of their marriages after they caught him red handed with their wives.

The former minister said Jerome in the video is the same man he caught with his wife at their country home in western Uganda.

The former minister said the incident happened five years ago.

“I had been summoned for a meeting with the president so I drove to Kampala. Unknown to me, as soon as I left, Jerome. What saved me is that some neighbours saw him and alerted me. I drove all the way to the village and found him snoring in my bed. My wife had just gone to the trading centre to pick a few things,” said the former minister.

In a related development, a retired judge also revealed that someone who resembles “Jerome” had wrecked his marriage.

The judge said Jerome had taken advantage of his busy schedule to snatch his wife.





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