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Gov’t releases SHS37 BILLION to artists


By Assumpta Namanda

The government of Uganda is set to release SHS37 billion to artists in a bid to help in the recovery of the Arts, Culture and Creative industry in the country.

Musicians such as Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone have not worked for two years and counting…

The money will be given to artists in form of grants.
Artists in Uganda haven’t been to work since March 2020 due to COVID-19 instigated measures being enforced.
At the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020, artists working under their umbrella the National Culture Forum (NCF) petitioned Government to provide a stimulus fund that would help with recovery.

According to NCF Secretariat, government has so far disbursed shs11.2 billion to support music promoters that lost out income when shows and concerts were cancelled. The fund has also supported the streamlining of the creative sector by reorganizing and strengthening associations and institutions.

Recently, the National Culture Forum (NCF) has given out grants to build the capacity of sector associations to serve their members needs better.

The reorganisation is also intended to make it easy for government and stakeholders to implement interventions that will be beneficial to the entire value chains for all the domains.

In the next phase, government is expected to provide Shs37 billion in small grants to artists to support them to create new works, acquire technology, use digital platforms etc.

In addition, the support will be extended to the Collective Management Organisations that include UPRS, URRO and UFMI to improve on royalty collections on behalf of artists.



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