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Gov’t considering another lockdown, Minister Nabakooba


By Our Reporter

ICT Minister Hon. Judith Nabakooba has revealed government is considering a fresh lockdown to contain the recent second phase of Covid-19.

According to the ICT Minister, government is considering reinstating the earlier lockdown measures as a way of containing the second wave of the COVID-19 variant from Dubai.

This follows a daily rise in infections countrywide and failure by essential workers to turn up for vaccination.

Addressing the press in her weekly brief on Sunday, Minister for ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba said that Uganda is now getting ready for a second of COVID-19 and the government is considering a number of measures.

“Government has therefore decided to embark on some of the strategies that we employed last year in March, these interventions are going to help us to avoid what is happening in India now,” Nabakooba said.

On Friday last week, the Ministry of Health announced the suspension of all flights and travelers from India until further notice, and Nabakooba said that this should have been enough to show Ugandans that COVID-19 is back, this time more dangerous.

“Covid-19 is back, it is angrier. It is determined to kill as many people as it can this time and the Ministry of Health has started to witness a gradual increase in new cases, we must all wake up and take the guidance seriously,” Nabakooba said.


As of Friday, the health ministry had vaccinated 330,077 people against COVID-19, and according to the vaccination plan, this is still very low.

ICT Minister Judith Nabakooba

Nabakooba said that Ugandans should not think that India, which is experiencing a huge surge in cases, is very far. She urged Ugandans who are eligible for vaccination to go and get it, instead of waiting for what is in India to break out here.



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