Businessman Sulaiman Mbuga has come out to applaud President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his endless efforts in neutralizing the Coronavirus, a global pandemic which has crashed nations in a short period of time.

Mbuga, speaking to this website said many Ugandans may not like Museveni but his fight against COVID-19 leaves no doubt that the president treasures fellow country men and women.

“We have seen nations fall. Their leaders had all options on table some ignored them. But our President implemented the measures and on top that has been interacting with us on many occasions begging us to comply for our own health,” Mbuga said on phone.

Mbuga added that he lost some relatives who were staying in USA, but miraculously no death of COVID-19 has occurred in Uganda.

“I have heard some people say that we Ugandans don’t die of this disease, but we have seen our relatives die from abroad and die of that disease, so how different are we?”

Mbuga questioned.

He said the reason we have not registered any death here in Uganda is because of the rigorous fight Museveni and other authorities have staged.

Mbuga said that to appreciate the good leadership of Museveni, Ugandans should simply comply with the lockdown measures of staying home and ease government’s work.

“We can look for the money when we have defeated this disease. But for now I appeal to fellow Ugandans to adhere to what authorities are saying. Let’s wash hands since it is the biggest remedy,” said Mbuga.

The businessman was among the first Ugandans to heed to Museveni’s request by donating 40000 tonnes of food to vulnerable Ugandans who have been affected by the lockdown.

Uganda has registered 81 COVID-19 cases, 52 recoveries and zero deaths.

The government is planning on lifting a lockdown at 35 days.

President Museveni has received praises around the world for staging stiff resistance against the virus, the same way he defeated Ebola that claimed over 500000 lives in West Africa.


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