Frogs, snakes, toads have found a new home at renowned city businessman Ham Kiggundu as Lake Victoria waters continue to riot.

For the past few weeks, Lake Victoria waters have risen disrupting businesses along the shoreline.

Beaches, hotels have all stopped operations, thanks to the impact of the ever rising water levels.
And Ham’s multi-billion palatial pad located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kawuku, Bunga, has literally gone to the frogs.

Ham’s house is definitely one of the most luxurious and expensive residential homes in Uganda.
It was designed by American architects and property experts value it at Shs12.3 billion. It has 25 bedrooms including a 27ft61 master suite with bathtubs.

Frogs don’t want to know.

“Ham’s compound is a submerged. The water around is smelly and green since it’s all stagnant. I really wonder how enjoys the cosmogany. He may have to sell it off,” a person who’s been there in recent times told us.

Its also affecting other surrounding facilities like the plush Serena Hotel Kigo among others.

A source adds: “By the way, all those guys, most of those facilities flouted environmental considerations and guidelines because of “connections.” For some of them like the Hotel near the Airport are in known banks of the lake. There was a reason the

Israelites constructed the road to the airport where it is and not closer to the lake. The lake rises or fluctuates from time to time and these measurements are known. But…”

Water has submerged part of the facilities and environmentalists are warning the worst is yet to come.

Over the years, environmentalists have warned that water levels on the lake would decrease due to the construction of hydropower dams on River Nile. But the variability in climate is proving otherwise.
In the last three weeks, there has been distress from farmers, business facilities, residential premises and other premises along the lakeshore.

The rise in the water level has been attributed to torrential rain that has been pounding the country for several months.

Many commercial facilities on the shoreline have been flooded and or submerged. Environmentalists say this unpredictable flooding points to climate change occasioned by global warming due to man’s relentless war against nature.

But there is also pollution by man, which also partly explains water surge forcing the suffocated lake to burst its shoreline, submerging businesses and residences in close proximity.

In some areas, the residents have been advised to relocate to safety while lakeside businesses such as hotels and beaches are grappling with constant flooding, with part of the premises abandoned or closed to clients.


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