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Fresh, Young And Sexy TV Belles Named


By Allan Saba 

Gone are the days when the likes of Anita Fabiola, Agatha Lowashi and Flavia Tumusiime would feature on list of hot UG female TV presenters in Uganda.

2020 and 2021 comes with young, fresh and stunning TV personalities who have graced your screens on a daily as they do their thing. Some are blessed with that rare chocolate brown skin and others are ‘Yellow’.

Fresh, young and sexy TV belles named


When it comes to figures no debate is needed!

These babes are free, hot, wild and spontaneous TV Presenters that both Married and unmarried men look at and they keep watching TV.

Winnie Success

She presents an entertainment show on Urban TV. Winnie is so young and ambitious. She just turned 23 years old but doing wonders.

Winnie Success


Haffi Powers

Haffi Powers is a mother of one but her assets continue to make her fans stammer. She is not a fan of Mama Lususu as she prefers maintaining her dark chocolate skin color complexion. Like Dianah She also works with BBS TV. Haffi recently celebrated her 24th birthday.

Her assets continue to make her fans stammer.


Lynda Ddane

She become famous during last years Lock Down and ever since then, she is one of people’s favorite on TV screen. She plies her trade on NTV. How can one really describe Lynda really? Many say she is self-contained but let’s try; She is a stunning beauty. She glows.

Yes, she glows and glistens like a road in a Mercedes car commercial. Her smile is the smile of the sun flashes when it sets on a beach. Her figure? Oh, heavens, her body shape looks like it were drawn with a compass; round curves with bulges behind.


Fiffi Parker

She is a new entry in the media industry. Fiffi Parker’s beauty makes men forget about the likes of Fabiola.

We are told her show is the most viewed on STV. This is all attributed to her striking beauty. Kenzo has always sniffed around the Makindye based TV station to secure bonk ticket with her. That’s how hot Fiffi Parker is and she is just 21 by the way.



Her full lips make the audience go wild as she does her thing on the screen every Saturday. She is short but bold and confident. Etania’s beauty and sense of style makes her one the darlings on the TV screen. Close pals say she only 22.



Like Fifi Parker, Lynette is also one of the new hot and exciting female TV presenters in UG. She works with Urban TV where she presents The Wish List program. Apparently, Lynette is still at campus and she is aged 19.



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