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Feffe Busi impregnated, infected me with HIV- Gal alleges


A city socialite is accusing Ugandan rapper, Feffe Busi of impregnating and infecting her with HIV.

One Leila Official- according to Facebook- claims the musician met her in a Kampala bar and went for sex.
We have contacted the musician’s team for comment.

For now we reproduce Leila’s allegation:

“Feffe Busi smallest rapper impregnated me and gave me HIV six months ago. I have come here to publish this story to the public because I need your help. My name is Leila ōfíçïãl a Musoga by tribe. I grew up in Iganga but I studied in Kampala living in Kibuli. I have desired to share this story with the public. This is because I have been patient for six months but right now I can not handle it anymore. Six months ago before this Quarantine began Fefe Bussi Music found me in a club(H20 Kololo).

He told me that he loves me and he took me to his home in Munyonyo st Ponciano. We had unprotected sex several times and I became pregnant. Therefore I told him after testing positive in a hospital and he promised to take care of me. I tested HIV Positive. I have nowhere to live please help me and share this message to him. If he refuses to respond am going to publish our message chats and voice messages talking. Therefore I need your help share this message.”



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