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Ever since bingo exploded in a big way with the younger crowd by going online, there have been a million and one different ways to play the game through modified variants. Practically anything can be incorporated into bingo’s core game, and that’s the beauty of it that young people with creatively overactive minds saw. These variants could range from the most basic where all that’s needed are modded bingo cards and a bit of imagination; to more complex reworkings that only build off from some aspect of bingo and then take off from there.

As it happens, fashionistas could have a field day with both kinds of bingo revisions.


One great example of a simple bingo game that fashion-savvy people could get into is something called “red carpet bingo”. The mechanics are easy: Just get a bingo card (or more if you’re playing with friends) whose cells are modified in such a way that they contain names of celebrities instead of numbers. You then watch a star-studded event such as the Pearl International Film Festival, and proceed to play fashion police using the bingo card. It’s up to you whether you want to go with the fashion-fabulous or the wardrobe-challenged, as long as you daub out names and

try to come up with a bingo line win.


On the more imaginative side of bingo revisions is something called “wardrobe bingo”. A marketing stunt pulled off by online clothing retailer last year as a challenge to bloggers, the game has since found a cult following among fashion-loving circles. To play it, you first need to gather at least five pieces of clothing each under the four basic clothing groupings: tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. Numerically labeling each item accordingly, you then proceed to drawing random numbers as you would draw bingo balls. From there on in, it’s just a matter of having a field day with crazy combinations and hoping that a few ensembles would look fab enough to post on Instagram.


Its game variations with broad age-range appeal like these are testament to how far the popularity level of bingo has come. Some companies have even expanded their business by branching out into the online bingo industry. In the UK – where bingo gets its biggest consumer share – even the Iceland chain of supermarkets staked out a claim on the gaming industry with its Iceland Bingo brand.


Putting an age limiter on fun activities isn’t really the way to go. Bingo may have once had the reputation of being appealing only to society’s geriatrics; but as these developments have shown, it’s all just a matter of presentation.


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