Almost forgotten socialities Anita Fabiola and Kenyan Huddah Monroe have found their way back to the news. They have staged a bogus verbal exchange of words all in the name of their asses.


Anita Fabiola’s ass won’t leave no man (male and female) with enough breath according to Huddah Monroe who made it a point to mention how the former is “suffocating” us all with her booty.

Celebrated Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe, real name Alhuda Njoroge, couldn’t let it pass when Fabiola shared a photo

on her Instagram showing her distinctive back side.


Assss sooo phat it’s suffocating us all,” commented Huddah and followed it up with heart-eyed emojis. Mixed signals? Well, you guessed right – the confusion in my head must be similar in yours. What did Huddah actually mean? Despite Fabiola replying with similar emojis, was she taking the “compliment” or rather returning the sarcastic love?

With Huddah’s continued flatters towards Fabiola, you’re not so wrong to think that she is attracted to fellow women but what does the law of “the enemy of your friend” state?

Maybe the message was cryptic, or maybe not and was rather just an honest compliment.


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