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Fabiola regrets Postinar,fails to concieve

Fabiola regrets Postinar,fails to concieve

By Allan Saba

Gorgeous socialite Anitah Kyalimpa is having so sad and blue after failing to conceive for her hubby Mark Ronald Mubiru, whom she got officially hooked up with in early 2018.

Very close friends to her we talked reveals how the former beauty queen is regretting the past. We have been informed that Fabiola recently visited a gyna to find out exactly why she has failed to conceive for her baby.

Fabiola and Hubby

It is alleged that the gyna from Independent Hospital in Ntinda told her how the family planning she was using years back affected her.

She has since been given medication.

Fabiola secretly got married to Mubiru in a traditional ceremony in 2018 and the pair celebrated anniversary in November 2019.

But ever since they made their relationship official, it is now almost three years without Mubiru ballooning Fabiola.

This situation, our sources reveal has subjected Fabiola to endless sleepless nights, because her quest for offspring is turning out to be fruitless.

As a result, we are told, Fabiola is consquently drinking herbs, plus consulting all Sengas.

Fabiola is getting too much stress from the in-laws, who are constantly reportedly referring her to a slay queen who is just eating their son’s (Mubiru) food and filling the toilet without any fruits from her womb, something that is really frustrating her.


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