Mr. Clayton Lakony Omona the former Head of Security, Fraud Prevention and Forensic Investigations at the bank

The Court case against DTB’s irregular, fraudulent and unlawful debit of monies amounting to over UGX.120 billion from Ham Enterprises U Ltd’s bank accounts pitting AGA KHAN’s Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) Uganda and Kenya continue to fascinate relevant bank staff who keep coming forward.

We earlier reported about the current and former staff of DTB Uganda who expressed their patriotism as they volunteered to testify against their employer in the UGX120 billion case which Ham Enterprises filed at the Commercial Division of the High Court against DTB.

We have also learned that since we reported, the big dogs at Diamond Trust Bank began making threats and imbedding unreasonable criminal charges to these staff, upon learning that they would testify and provide supporting evidence against DTB in addition to naming Specific Bosses who instructed them to unlawfully debits monies from Ham Enterprises’ Accounts in Court.

The staff also began fearing for their lives given the fact that the bank unlawfully debited huge sums of monies from the client’s accounts on “instruction from above” and their decision to testify.

Having been tipped off that, that another relevant staff, managing the fraud prevention and forensic investigation at Diamond Trust Bank Uganda has also volunteered to testify and give supporting evidence regarding fraudulent debits of huge sums of monies from Ham Enterprises accounts by the bank, our reporter contacted Mr. Clayton Lakony Omona the former Head of Security, Fraud Prevention and Forensic Investigations at the bank, who declared his will to provide support against the bank in court.

“I do not have any problem providing inputs towards resolving the disputes

between Ham Enterprises and Diamond Trust Bank Uganda. I will therefore provide all the necessary support required from me,” said Mr. Clayton Omona.

Clayton resigned from his role at DTB in April after citing a multitude of fraud Scandals in the bank. Given the fact that he was the officer in charge of, Fraud Prevention and Forensic Investigations, he foresaw the would-be outcomes and resigned in order to protect his integrity and professionalism.

Lakony’s appointment letter

Mr. Lakony expressed his voluntary will to assist in providing the necessary support on nationalistic grounds, it is his wish that the banking sector in Uganda reforms hence the desire to provide necessary inputs required in order to resolve the disputes between Ham Enterprises and Dtb that will be the genesis of reforms in the banking sector as a whole.

Ham Enterprises in court papers proves that DTB fraudulently withdrew over UGX 34 billion and over USD 23 Million from their shillings and dollar accounts as per the account statements for a 10-year banking relationship that they had operated those accounts.

This makes Mr. Clayton witness number four on the list of current and former relevant bank staff set to testify against the bank in this case on addition to DTB group C.E.O Mrs. Nasim Devji and DTB Uganda Managing director Mr. Vargese Thambi who are topping the company’s witness list since they are directly answerable to everything given the fact that Ham Enterprises being a high profile client dealt directly with these top two bank bosses.

The journey of bringing about a workable Banking Sector in Uganda is one that we must all embrace and be a part of just like these Patriotic current and former staff of Dtb in Standing up for their nation.


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