Peter Kagwa, the CEO of Events Warehouse, one of the major events companies in Uganda is fighting fo his life in a Nairobi hospital.


Mr. Kagwa- who is also the President of Rotary Munyonyo- has acute luekemia and a call for blood donation is ongoing.
A message has been circulating.
It reads: “Good afternoon friends, I hope and pray that you are all well.

In reference yo the flyer above and this message below, I welcome you to join us Rotarians as we stand with our own Peter Kagwa. PK as some of us refer to him, is the current President of the Rotary club of Munyonyo.

However, I know some of know him or even connected before. He’s the CEO of events warehouse. Yesterday, we, his Rotary family, received the message below that has

taken us back. Cancer remains a fast growing health issue that we should not tire to fight.”

An earlier message from Rotary read: “Good afternoon Rotary Family,
Our dear Club President Rotarian Peter Kagwa of RC Kampala Munyonyo was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a blood cancer that medical specialists have advised is serious but treatable if medical attention is expedited.

President Peter’s family and friends are at the moment making all necessary arrangements to evacuate him to Nairobi for treatment.

This is a delicate matter that the family and all of us are faced with, and one that requires our support in all forms – prayers, advice, financial, etc…

Let us all continue to pray for President Peter and his family. The club officials are working on arrangements on how best we can support our dear President to overcome this health and financial challenge.

For any advice and support. Please contact the person below.

Thanks and regards.”


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