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ENG. Mwandha balloons Sheeba Kassami

Tim, Sheeba and Sheila Gashumba having fan

By Allan Saba

Fresh information coming in reveals how City Engineer and boss of famous 3D Services Timothy Mwandha has ballooned city socialite Sheeba Kassami.


Our snoops recently bumped into Sheeba donning on a long dress with her stomach protruding out. Our snoop tell us that by going with her bulging belly, Sheeba is in her second pregnancy trimester.

Sheeba hooked up Mwandha last year in December after he had fallen out with other wife called Lilian. Mwandha flew his marital home and found a new home with Sheeba in Muyenga.

This year on Valentine’s day Tim decided to come out clear and shared his pictures with Sheeba on social media and declared love for her.

Hunky Tim decided to go all over social media and posted the pictures of Sheeba Kassami with praises. He is madly in love with Sheeba and seems to have finally found his missing left rib.

In some of his social media posts, Tim openly declares love the mother of three and seems ready to take full responsibilities of socialite Jack Pemba’s children.

It should be recalled that Sheeba was officially engaged to Jack Pemba and the couple were blessed with two children before they separated.

It should be recalled that Tim Mwandha is in court processing a divorce with enstranged wife known as Lilian Byarugaba.

In the divorce papers we landed on, Tim was accusing his wife of adultery, smelling bad for him in bed and many other things.


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