Emma Carlos

Talent Manager and Twinkle Star agency CEO Emma Carlos Mulondo reckons star musician Bebe Cool is the solid reason why the Ugandan music industry is non profitable.

Mulondo said this basing on two musical legends the late Micheal Jackson and our own the late Mowzey Radio.

According to Mulondo, Micheal Jackson passed on but his family is still earning from his music which is not the same case with Radio’s family yet his music is still

in circulation. Mulondo said that the only difference is that Uganda has no clear system to track the consumption.

People like Bebe Cool who reach and interact with the President of Uganda cannot talk for the music industry to get prioritized in some important matters that affect the music industry.

“Instead of talking to the President using his influence, he is busy making shallow lists rather than listing challenges faced in the music Industry. If well streamed, the music industry is capable of generating its own revenue and contributing to the National GDP,” Mulondo concluded.


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