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Dr. Besigye dismisses Archbishop Lwanga’s postmortem report

By Kizza Besigye


During Easter holiday of 2018, Archibishop Lwanga made a startling revelation of how he was being spied on by government.

He said an “anonymous caller” had informed him that he was plotting to overthrow the government. He was informed that his priests and nuns were recruited to spy on him and were paid a lot of money.

Archbishop Lwanga had been a courageous and strong voice pointing out government excesses, like Human Rights abuses, land-grabbing, corruption etc.

He had, since the fraudulent “election” of this year, raised his voice again to speak against the outrageous kidnappings and torture of Ugandans, in blatant violation of the law.

Mr Museveni and his NRM/M7 Junta came out publicly to blame their electoral defeat in Buganda on the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was (again) warned to concentrate of church work or “if you want to join politics, put off the robes”!

Towards end of March, a Ugandan tabloid, known for close links with Uganda’s Security Organisations, carried shouting headline stories about impending removal of the Archbishop and there were social media stories echoing the threats on the Archbishop’s life.

Three years since the Easter holiday that he publicly talked about threats on his life, he once again raised his voice (on Good Friday) against Human Rights abuses and government excesses; carried the cross along the symbolic “way of the cross”; went home and never woke up.

Understandably, the shocking news of his sudden death, was bound to stir up speculation of foul play.

What would have helped reduce suspicion of foul play is a postmortem report that conclusively showed a “natural” cause of sudden death. This would be easily demonstrable; like a blood clot blocking blood supply to the heart, lungs or the brain; or, a ruptured blood vessel in brain.

The day-long postmortem exam that was carried out didn’t show any such cause; it’s reported to be INCONCLUSIVE!

At this point, those who have been threatening the Archbishop must be strongly considered as suspects.

Regrettably, the Uganda Police doesn’t have the professional competence, institutional independence, or enjoy public trust and confidence to conduct such an investigation.

The only way that Mr Museveni and the NRM/M7 Junta can avoid to be immediately convicted by all of us (Uganda’s Public Court), is to urgently seek the help of internationally respected criminal investigation organisations to work with Uganda’s Catholic Church and try to get to the truth.

Meantime, let me once again convey my deeply heartfelt condolences to the Catholic Church in Uganda and worldwide; the family and relatives of the Archbishop; to all Ugandans and to all people of good will.

Archbishop Kizito Lwanga has been a rare mixture of courage, intelligence, wisdom, humility and a good-hearted man of God.

May be, his passing during the most important time of the Christian calendar signifies the impact of his 43 years of committed service.

He’ll be very greatly missed; especially, by the oppressed and downtrodden millions in our country. Sleep well.


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