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Don Zella’s Pensioner Sick

Don Zella’s Pensioner Sick

By Allan Saba

Socialite Sheila Don Zella’s Mzungu Pensioner identified as James has fallen ill once again.

Snoops reveal that the Mzungu, who is father of Don Zella’s twins, is battling a strange illness, which has left him severely emaciated and looking like a shadow of his former self for the second time in a period of one year.

Snoops tells us the Mzungu has been bedridden for several months now and the illness is so severe than before.

Don Zella left Uganda a several years ago for a sojourn in Dubai, where she met the Mzungu, with whom she started living as man and wife.Together they produced two daughters, although they later developed problems and separated.

During the separation, Don Zella hookeddancehall singer Big Eye, who bonked her until she got ballooned and produced a son for him.

Don Zella’s Pensioner Sick

But after bonking for about two years, they developed misunderstandings that ended up into a bitter split. She later later returned to Dubai and rekindled bonking marathons with her Muzungu pensioner, although they never lived together again.



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