Jose Chameleone has made peace with his enemies Good Lyfe as a ploy to attract people for his upcoming album launch early next year. Leone Island president Chameleone will be launching his latest album Tubonge, a song that preaches reconciliation.

Late last year one Robert Karamagi died at Jose Chameleone’s then home in Seguku. Since then the singer has been rather troubled with a section of people calling for his head. This actually inspired him to record the Tubonge song, where he asks for reconciliation and forgiveness. Currently the song is topping charts but the singer (Chameleone) thought it would be a good stunt/move to reconcile with his rivals

Good Lyfe.

At the Battle of Champions against Bebe Cool, Chameleone was like a possessed man as he pushed on Radio and Weasel. Even at one point he had a placard with words: “RIP Bebe Cool. 100% Fool.” This was to convince the Good Lyfe that he truly wants to forgive and forget. And looks like the Good Lyfe bought Chameleone’s move as the pair refused to perform at Resort Beach Entebbe on Sunday and instead spent the evening chilling with Chameleone at Venom Beach bar.


However what remains to be seen is whether Chameleone is genuine in all this. After the Tubonge launch, he could resume the biff. After all he is Chameleone!


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