By Imran Aine

They say to much of anything is always bad.

It’s good to love each other and to show it in public but sometimes you have to be with a limit.

I believe both of you do all these things not that it’s by love. No ,it’s because you’re showing off and trying to show Kenzo(Eddy) how happy you’re.

But remember one thing, this is life. You dont know what will

happen tomorrow, that’s why some wise people remain calm when they have everything.

Doctor, you’re not the first to marry a celeb and to graduate as a doctor. Please, act your profession. Being calm will not take away your wife.

And you Rema. Doing all those parties and what ever won’t grant you heaven.

What if he dies tomorrow? I’m sorry it’s your money, your husband and your page. But you are becoming too much to be sincere.
We love you and your music but have a limit.
Good day.


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