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Radio and Weasel

Radio and Weasel

Talented musicians Moze Radio and Weasel TV are set to battle jazz maestros Isaiah Katumwa and African icon Hugh Masekela in concert.

While Radio and Weasel, arguably East Africa’s best singing duo and probably only second to Nigeria’s P-Square in Africa, will be in concert at Hotel Africana, Katumwa and Masekela will be at the Serena Hotel.

It can be argued that the two camps have very contrasting music genres but fact remains that the two camps share the same target market, the corporate world.

Katumwa and Masekela

Isaiah Katumwa

Isaiah Katumwa

Isaiah Katumwa who will be accompanied by

South African legendary Jazz icon Hugh Masekela promised the best.

Katumwa, who started his music career playing a guitar before he taught himself the sax, shared his life story revealing how he struggled to make it.

He is one artiste that has built the Jazz genre in Uganda and has also put it on the map by sharing stage with some international acts like Jonathan Butler among others.

Radio and Weasel

Their story is known.

The pair started as backing vocalists for superstar Jose Chameleone before breaking away to form the Good Lyfe in 2008.

Since then, the duo’s songs have been successful in the music industry starting with Nakudata in 2008, Lwaki Onumya, Zuena, Nyambura and Bread and Butter among others.

The duo has continued to churn out hit after hit with their latest big sing being Juice Juice.


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