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Dan Kidega out of danger

The Right Honarable Dan Kidega, the former EALA speaker, is out of danger, his brother Hon. Nobert Mao has revealed.

In a brief statement issued Monday evening, chairman Mao revealed Kidega is slowly waking up and is off life support after 48 hours of being unconscious.

Dan Kidega is recovering

“Dan is slowly waking up. The effect of the sedatives is wearing off and we expect him to regain full consciousness soon. The good news is that he is no longer on life support,” Mao announced.

What remained of Kidega’s car

Today, a second scan was carried out to investigate the condition of his brain. The doctors have assured family that there’s no additional bleeding and the body is dealing with the little seepage of blood that was earlier seen in his brain.

Mr. Kidega was also able to recognize his wife Sylvia.

“And responds when she’s standing by his bedside holding his hands. When I went to see him he briefly opened his eyes and was also able to move his arms and legs,” Mao added.

The medical team attending to him led by Dr. Erasmus Okello are confident that Kidega is making good progress and is on track to full recovery.

Mao added: “They continue to consult and to investigate his condition in order to determine any other interventions that may be necessary.

Let’s continue praying for Dan.”

Kidega was involved in an accident on the Northern Bypass when his car, a Toyota Landcruiser, collided head on with a truck.


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