Don Wanyama

There’s only one or two ways for Uganda to return to normal. Well, according to Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Don Wanyama.

For starters, normalcy means business as usual with Boda Boda, bars, churches, arcades back operating as was before Covid-19.
For now the aforementioned remain closed.

Churches are on television and radio. Schools are under lock and key.
Curfew is at 7pm.

Its been described as the new normal, thanks to the virus.
And according to Mr. Wanyama, things will remain

the same until scientists discover a cure or a vaccine for the Coronavirus.
While appearing on NBS TV, Wanyama said government was looking at ways of continued partial easing of the lockdown but insisted there was still a long way to go.

He confirmed an assessment has been carried out on how to reopen arcades.

“For the arcades, there has been an assessment, and KCCA will make recommendations to the cabinet to forge a way forward. Even if we are to reopen, we can’t do it at once. We shall get back to true normal when a cure or a vaccine is found,” Wanyama said.


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