Kampala Lord mayor hopeful, Joseph Mayanja also known as Jose Chameleone, has asked President Yoweri Museveni to ban taxes on Sanitizers and other cleaning supplies including soap so as to make them affordable for the common Ugandan.

This comes a day after the first case of the Coronavirus pandemic was confirmed in Uganda.

As part of his CSR, the singer also spent the better part of the day down town donating sanitizers to traders.

He said: “In such times, we the bold will reach out to our people and show them the way. I won’t be a coward to reach out and show people how it’s done. When HIV came, Illustrations were done publicly with the banana, CORONA VIRUS is here people just communicate cowardly. With our society, Our people learn practically.

Today I took the trouble to buy sanitizers and

shared it with my people. I gave sanitizers and all friends I met will teach the other about the sanitization and safety we need to battle this together.

Let’s reach out to our people against this Pandemic.

It’s REAL!!!


I am Part of this fight!!!! Paka Last!!!

Please Mr. President, can you please waive tax off sanitizers, Cleaning supplies and soap to enable everyone of us be able to afford it.

Many have taken advantage of this battle we hope to win together and prices have gone high!! How do we be able to fight this regardless the rich and poor? Please intervene and we make this a War we must win together. Cut down the prices with your authority Sir.”

The Ministry of Health last night confirmed the first case of the pandemic Coronavirus disease in Uganda.

The confirmed case is a 36-year-old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai on Saturday 21st March 2020 aboard Ethiopian Airlines at 2:00 am.


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