The artists wants help from government

Artists under their umbrella organization the National Culture Forum, yesterday petitioned the Minister responsible for Culture over the fate of Cultural and Creative Industries during and post Covid-19.

The petition was signed by arts domain leaders including music, film, visual art, fashion, comedy, literature and book publishing among others.

Artists noted that Culture and Creative Industries were contributing 3% of GDP and providing employment to hundreds of thousands of young people in both professional and non- professional roles. Covid-19 control measures have grossly impacted the sector risking the future

of businesses, employment and government revenue.

The petition notes that incomes from royalties have dwindled on account of noncompliance by broadcasters, education institutions and other users of copyrighted products. There has been rapid growth of online piracy without a private copy levy to ensure that users of gadgets pay royalties for the free downloads of music, film, art and books.

Artists are asking Government to provide a #CreativeIndustriesFund to enable them invest in new digital platforms, digital payment systems, boost product quality, and expand markets amongst others.

The National Culture Forum – NCF is a civil society umbrella organization set up to lobby and advocate for Culture and Creative Industries. It has associations and federations with national membership.


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